Lubomír Baum

Professional parkourist and parkour trainer…

A little about me…

I love parkour, I live parkour…

My name is Lubomir Baum, in the parkour community I am known as „Lubo„, I am 23 years old.

My fulfillment is parkour, which I have been doing for almost 10 years, now on a professional level. I constantly strive to improve in all areas, develop my projects, pursue personal development and enjoy traveling.

I like to inspire, motivate and pass on my experience to the people around me just through the aforementioned projects.

The main ones include an online course of parkour, I also offer individual lessons and exhibitions at private and public events. In addition, I am responsible for the establishment and operation of the parkour organization / school and Improve Yourself.

I am also a member of the Czech Association of Parkour (ČAP) and I own a coaching license for parkour.

Who am I, what is my vision and what I do – you can learn it completely in my presentation video – click HERE! 🙂

More information:

Height: 185 cm
Weight: 80 kg

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  • I have been an instructor of leisure time sports activities focusing on parkour (2nd degree trainer licence)
  • I have been a part of the trainer team at the famous parkour camp – ZOHIR kemp
  • I have been an affiliate of the brands Enjoy the Movement and Kilpi
  • I have taken part in photo and video shootings for important brands
  • I have given interviews to the magazines and TV channels
  • I have got a leading acting role in advertisement shooting for the company HA-VEL
  • I have got one of the main roles in the performance Cinema Royal
  • I have been a sponsored athlete of a very famous American parkour and free-running brand called Take Flight
  • I am a founding member of L.E.A.D. Parkour
  • I am a founding member of the Czech Parkour Association 
  • I am an instructor of free-time sports activities with a focus on parkour (II. degree trainer license)
  • I am a member of a trainer team of the best known parkour camp – ZOHIR kemp
  • I have trained with the founders of parkour (France – Lisses) – 1. generation Yamakasi
  • I have organized many parkour events and I have also taken part in them
  • I am an affiliate of the brands Enjoy the Movement and Kilpi
  • I have taken part in photo shoots and video recordings for important brands
  • I have done interviews for magazines and TV stations
  • I have gotten the main actor role in a screening of the Batman movie in the summer theater FLOK
  • I have gotten the main actor role in an advertisement shooting for the company HA-VEL
  • I have gotten one of the main roles in the introduction of Cinema Royal
  • I am a founder of the brand and organization Improve Yourself
  • I am a sponsored athlete of very famous, American, parkour and freerunning brand Take Flight

For more detailed references regarding me and my team, please visit this website!

My services

What can I offer you? What would you like?

Regular parkour training and individual lessons

I offer an on-line course, individual lessons, together with my team I also train in several cities in Moravia and Silesia. I am transferring my experience not only through training, but also through workshops, training sessions and camps.

During these activities, you will be able to experience the true parkour! It is a form of art, freedom of motion and most importantly a lifestyle! You can expect positive changes to your body, both physical and mental.

See the relevant links for all the information.

The price for a regular individual lesson is usually:

500 CZK / hour (it is possible to come in group)

Do you want to arrange an individual lesson or are you interested in anything else? Send me a message (!

Workshops and performances

If you are interested in the show on your private or public event? Please contact my manager and arrange the terms and conditions (

Photo shoots, video recordings, interview and lectures

I offer my services as a model – for photo or video shootings related to parkour.

Actor, stuntman, background actor (extra), dubler

I can make use of my parkour skills in shooting of movies, advertisements, music videos, etc. I also have experience with photo shoots and video recording, therefore I am available for any of the roles mentioned above. My parkour skills can enrich your project and get you attention of potential clients or a target group, thus making it possible to reach your desired goal.


Memories .. 


Lubomír Baum
Manager (exhibice)
Billing information:

Frýdlanstká 1888, Frýdek – Místek, 738 01
IČ: 04851811
DIČ: CZ96065984
I am a VAT payer.


Look at all the places where I have traveled, trained and gathered new experiences!